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Plenum Cable ready to ship from Winkle!

Talk to your Winkle Electric Sales Representative about Data Transmission and Communications Cable.
Youngstown 330-744-5303 or Erie 814-838-1900
*Plenum Cable ready to ship from Winkle-Youngstown.


Completely architect & pre-configure your industrial network with Winkle Electric!

Check out this video to learn how Winkle Electric, along with Rockwell Automation, can completely architect and pre-configure your industrial network!


Get the BIG picture with Teledyne Dalsa’s NEW FALCON4!


Winkle Electric’s Holiday Luncheon – 2017

Winkle Electric’s Holiday Luncheon – 2017

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TOLOMATIC’S LZT is a super *high speed rod-style electric actuator designed for replacing pneumatic cylinders and a cost effective alternative to linear motors. *(up to 6m/sec [236 in/sec])
For more info, contact Winkle’s Actuator Specialist: or 330-747-0809

tolomatic 11-29-17 1

Hubbell-Killark at Winkle Electric

Winkle Electric is an Authorized Distributor of Killark-Hubbell, Harsh and Hazardous Environment Products:
Washdown Light Fixtures, Paint Booth Light Fixtures, EMG Light Fixtures with battery backup, Jelly Jar Lighting, Floodlights, Bolted Flanged Enclosures, Threaded Cover Enclosures, Plug and Receptacle Sets, Portable GFCI Sets, Conduit Bodies, and MORE. (Ask for Made in USA)
Winkle Youngstown 330-744-5303 or Erie 814-838-1900
*Jakob Church – Hubbell’s Field Sales Rep. at Winkle-Youngstown

killark LL tode 12-4-17

NEW Lifeline 5 Cable Pull Switches from Rockwell Automation

cable pull rockwell switches 12-5-17
*Lifeline™ 5 Cable Pull Switches are microprocessor-based solutions that bring advanced features and diagnostics that help enhance safety and improve productivity. These switches offer features and functions that simplify setup and allow for more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting. Our Lifeline 5 switches are designed for various applications from general material handling to harsh food and beverage environments.
*Check out Lifeline 5’s unboxing video:
For more info on LIFELINE 5, please contact Winkle Electric:
Youngstown 330-744-5303 or Erie 814-838-1900