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Allen-Bradley signaling solutions at Winkle

Allen-Bradley® quality signaling solutions from Rockwell Automation can help you achieve your plant floor goals with efficient control and automatic monitoring. Whether you’re trying to improve your operational efficiency, avoid costly breakdowns, prevent material shortages or make your manufacturing environment safer, our wide variety of signaling products can help you maintain timely production schedules while meeting your toughest automation challenges.
To order AB Signaling Devices, please contact Winkle Electric:
Youngstown 330-744-5303 or Erie 814-838-1900AB TODE BEACON 12-2017


Safe an Efficient monitoring of the MP8000!

Monitor and control the MP8000 through the Littelfuse App on your smartphone.

No need to open the control panel.

■■ Easily pair multiple MP8000 relays to your smartphone or tablet

■■ Stand next to the motor – not the relay – to monitor motor startup on new installations  *Read more under graphic

LITTELFUSE MP8000 6-26-17 Page 001 ■■ Improve safety: monitor your motor from 30 feet away

■■ Reduce set up time: less wiring

■■ One model works on all motors globally, 90 – 690VAC single-phase or 3-phase, 50/60Hz

Youngstown 330-744-5303 or Erie 814-838-1900 > for anything #Littelfuse

It’s not smart to push other people’s buttons!

Push buttons and signaling devices include a broad spectrum of operators. We offer push buttons, toggle switches, pendant stations, indicator lights, assembled operator stations, and operator station enclosures. Our audible and visual signaling devices include horns, loudspeakers, beacons, strobes, panel light bars and tower stack lights. They help to reduce downtime by signaling breakdowns and material shortages as well as alert operators of hazards.

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Panduit has made generating labels easy!

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Upcoming Events Update!

arcflashtodeArc Flash Training is just one of the classes that Winkle has to offer to you this fall and coming winter!
*Pictured – Arc Flash Training at Winkle Electric
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Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year!

The new Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® 440C-CR30 Safety Relay is a flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-use configurable safety relay ideal for applications requiring 4 to 10 safety circuits and control of up to 5 zones.
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New V-Spring Light Pole increases safety!

The V-Spring® Telescoping Safety Light Pole increases safety and decreases labor costs associated with lighting installation and routine maintenance. Its innovative design allows for all work to safely take place on the platform or walkway, eliminating the need for portable ladders and fall protection equipment.
Applications include:
•Luminaires installed on industrial walkways, platforms, stairways and conveyors where OSHA/HSE regulations require fall prevention equipment
•Hard to reach or dangerous areas where safety is a big concern
•Hazardous and harsh environments subject to corrosive agents, vibration and extreme temperaturespages-from-vspring-brochure
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