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SIEMENS63016*Product Consistency: Whether you are starting a new project, replacing parts, or adding on to an existing project, the unassembled panelboard offering is an exact match to the Siemens factory built panelboards. *Convertibility: Field convertible main breaker and main lug kits, (through 400 amps), will allow you to switch from main lug to main breaker, and vice versa with no change in box size or additional cabling. *Flexibility: Field addable sub-fed breakers (up to 250 amps) or feed through lug kits can be field installed without utilizing any of your feeder breaker positions or increasing your box height. *Ease of Installation: Lay-in construction and or removable lugs make wiring the main and neutral lugs easier and faster. *Invertible: Unique design allows panel to be inverted in the field and keep its labeling legible. *Same Day Availability: Over the counter availability means you’re on and off the job without the delays that come with waiting for factory assembled panelboards.


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When it comes to top-quality control panels, no one builds them BETTER than Winkle!

johnpanelshop2017When it comes to top-quality control panels, no one builds them BETTER than Winkle Electric and before they leave our shop, 100% of our custom control panels are 100% INSPECTED!
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*John works on a control panel at Winkle-Youngstown.

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Winkle Electric is the place to go for your SIEMENS gear.

cbtode10-27-16•Load Centers
•Meter Centers
•Safety Switches
*Molded Case Circuit Breakers
•Busway Systems
*Pictured – ED6 application at Winkle-Youngstown
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We have a solution to solve your panel lighting problems!

24 VDC operation for superior lighting performance with minimal power consumption.
140-degree cone angle casts a broad covering of neutral light
Center section rotates 120 degrees to re-direct light where needed
Long life; 70 percent of initial luminance at 50,000 hours (at 25 C)
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Our shelves at Winkle-Youngstown hold plenty of Siemens Load Centers and Panelboards.
With our large inventory of in-stock Siemens gear, we can fill your order with just one phone call!
*Pictured> Matt Colla pulls a Siemens order from our Youngstown location.
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