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services pg 2*Winkle Electric’s Integrated Services Division exists to provide solutions that go far beyond providing top-quality products. Winkle Electric is committed to “being an integral part of our customers’ success”. We are invested in our clients’ long-term success. We equate your costs to an iceberg. The part that is showing is the most easily seen and often times the easiest to remedy—your material costs. This is a critical part of your success and we work with customers on a daily basis to ensure that they are purchasing state-of-the-art products at “best of class” pricing levels. For many of our customers we are taking those relationships to a new level and delving “under the water” to help spot problems and offer solutions to lower costs in areas that don’t have catalog numbers.
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Rockwell Automation’s onTour is coming to Youngstown!


2016 On Tour Flyer

Network Zone Systems deploy up to 75% faster and …

• Optimize the physical layer for high network performance
• Accelerate deployments while reducing risk
• Enable easy, repeatable installations
• Provide flexibility with a variety of sizes, materials, configurations
• Are UL 508A and UL Type 4/12/4X Listed, IP66 Rated and CE
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Great job Randy!

Congratulations to Randy Timblin for successfully completing the Cisco “Managing Industrial Networks for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies 2” (IMINS2) class and passing the Cisco exam to receive the Industrial Cisco Certified Network Associate (ICCNA) certification. This will better position Winkle to assist our customers manage their Plant floor Ethernet networking requirements and their connectivity to their enterprise level systems. Great job Randy!