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Safe an Efficient monitoring of the MP8000!

Monitor and control the MP8000 through the Littelfuse App on your smartphone.

No need to open the control panel.

■■ Easily pair multiple MP8000 relays to your smartphone or tablet

■■ Stand next to the motor – not the relay – to monitor motor startup on new installations  *Read more under graphic

LITTELFUSE MP8000 6-26-17 Page 001 ■■ Improve safety: monitor your motor from 30 feet away

■■ Reduce set up time: less wiring

■■ One model works on all motors globally, 90 – 690VAC single-phase or 3-phase, 50/60Hz

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Did you know that there are over 18,000 LITTELFUSE ARC-FLASH RELAYS installed WORLDWIDE?

IMG_20170626_121100Did you know that there are over 18,000 LITTELFUSE ARC-FLASH RELAYS installed WORLDWIDE?
*Our sales team is learning how to improve safety and reliability with LITTELFUSE arc-flash detectors.

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L70QS_High_Speed_Fuse_Datasheet 1
L70QS Series High-Speed Fuses are extremely current
limiting and are used to protect power converters, drives
and control circuit applications. Designed with lower I2t
performance characteristics, these fuses provide balanced
performance to extend longevity while lowering potentially
damaging heat energy to the devices being protected.
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Littelfuse POWR-PRO Indicator Fuses

The Littelfuse POWR-PRO® JTD ID Indicator Class J fuse provides visual blown fuse indication and maximum protection in a compact package. The current-limiting time delay JTD … (Continued bottom of this picture)littelfusegreen1-feb-2017(Continued) … ID offers a patented design which reduces nuisance fuse openings.
• POWR-PRO® Performance
• Current-Limiting
• IEC Type 2 Protection
• Indication and non-indication version available
• Indicating and DIN mount holders available
• Fused combination motor controllers and motor control centers
• Transformer protection
• Protection for series rated molded case circuit-breaker panels
• General purpose circuits

Littelfuse at Winkle

The UL Listed Class J JLS Series fuses provide space
saving, fast-acting overload and short-circuit protection for
vital industrial and power conversion applications.
Littelfuse’s JLS Series fuses offer best in class current
limitation that prevents equipment damage from overcurrent
faults.  TO ORDER LITTELFUSE, CALL WINKLE. 330-744-5303littelfuse1-17.jpg