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Need to get in touch with Winkle’s Sales Team in Erie, PA?

 •Steve Miller *Outside Sales Rep

•Joe Sacco *In-House Repair Services Rep

•Aaron Shick *Sales Engineer

4727 Pennsylvania Avenue ~ Erie, PA ~ 814-838-1900


Eries sales team feb 2018



*Inspector – Industrial Control Panels

*Wireman – Industrial Control Panels

For Connectors, Couplings, & Connectors, call 330-744-5303

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Service like no other electrical supply company!

When you depend on Winkle Electric for your parts, components, and supplies, we offer delivery on our company-owned trucks. This helps us keep our promises, and helps you keep your operations running smoothly.
Youngstown 330-744-5303 or Erie 814-838-1900


Call Winkle Electric for your next cable order!

•Aerial Cable
•Bus Drop
•Coaxial Cable
•Computer Cable
•Control Cable
•Electronics Wire
•Fiber Optic Cable
•Flexible Cable
Youngstown 330-744-5303 ~ Erie 814-838-1900
*Large cable order ready to ship from Youngstown
Tom Smith, Inside Sales Representative



Eaton Commercial Fittings – In Stock!

*Eaton Commercial Fittings provide long-lasting service in commercial, industrial, and residential construction. Winkle-Youngstown 330-744-5303


Hoffman Enclosures at Winkle


For more information on Hoffman Enclosures, please contact us:



It’s shocking that you didn’t call Winkle!


We are located right here in Youngstown and are one of the top 150 largest electrical parts distributors in the nation.

Youngstown 330-744-5303 / Erie 814-838-1900 / Seneca 814-678-5303

Congratulations George!

IMG_20160308_141634.jpgWe are pleased to announce that George Bulick has accepted the newly created position of Manager of Sales Development at Winkle Electric. George will be charged with evaluating and enhancing our position with our current suppliers as well as researching and adding strategic new suppliers to our existing portfolio. This would include enhancing and rounding out our product offering in the Process and Connected Enterprise arena as well as managing our Rockwell encompass partners. Ultimately, George will be responsible for meeting Winkle’s market share goals by interfacing with our salespeople, suppliers, and purchasing department to insure that we have a superior value proposition to deliver to our valued customers and enable Winkle to take share from our competitors.