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Blutooth Technology in a switch!

LEVITON’S Decora® Digital Controls with Bluetooth® Technology are here!
MORE INFORMATION:…/p…/lighting-controls/decora-digital
*To order LEVITON, please call Winkle Electric at 330-744-5303.

Decora Banner Digital tode 10-12-17


Check out this limited time SWEEPSTAKES offer from 3M!

FOLLOW LINK FOR OFFER: badge_foam_finger_girl_224px_234px
*Ask for 3M’s specially marked packages. 330-744-5303

Winkle Electric is now an EXCLUSIVE distributor of ZEBRA 3600 BARCODE SCANNERS!

ZEBRA SCANNER W 9-18-17…/ultra-rugged-scann…/3600-series.html
Zebra’s 3600 Series features the highest drop, tumble and sealing specifications in the industry in order to deliver unstoppable performance. Regardless of your data capture application, the 3600 series has a model to meet your needs.
Check out the entire line of ZEBRA BARCODE SCANNERS:
For more info on ZEBRA BARCODE SCANNERS, please contact Winkle Electric:
*Ethernet/IP Model at Winkle-Youngstown

HONEYWELL POWER SUPPLY 8-31-17 WNOBODY does “IN-HOUSE” Repairs like Winkle Electric Company!
From Pickup, Diagnosis, Estimates, Repair, and Delivery-Winkle offers a repair service that is unparalleled in the industry.
Don’t forget to ask your Winkle Rep. about receiving your own “repair bin.”
Youngstown 330-744-5303 or Erie 814-838-1900
*Pictured: Honeywell Power Supply that’s in for repair.


watch picture

*Place a $500 order with Winkle Electric and qualify for a chance to win an Apple Watch.

*Qualified purchases of $500 or more of the following lines: Siemens, Littelfuse, Leviton, or Red Lion gives you for one chance to win a free Apple Watch.

*Entry chances for the watch are not limited to one.

Winkle Electric thanks you for your continued support!


Panduit Installation Tools at Winkle!

Not only does Winkle Electric use Panduit installation tools, we are also an Authorized Distributor of them! 330-744-5303
Panduit manufactures a wide range of installation tools to meet your specific requirements, which can help your company:
*Save money through reduced installation time.
*Achieve adherence to industry standards.
*Promote safer working conditions.
*Lower total installation costs.
*Lessen operator fatigue.
*Reduce operator error.
*Pictured: Panduit CT1002 Crimpers that are in use at Winkle-Youngstown
Panduit Crimpers 8-2-17


SIEMENS63016*Product Consistency: Whether you are starting a new project, replacing parts, or adding on to an existing project, the unassembled panelboard offering is an exact match to the Siemens factory built panelboards. *Convertibility: Field convertible main breaker and main lug kits, (through 400 amps), will allow you to switch from main lug to main breaker, and vice versa with no change in box size or additional cabling. *Flexibility: Field addable sub-fed breakers (up to 250 amps) or feed through lug kits can be field installed without utilizing any of your feeder breaker positions or increasing your box height. *Ease of Installation: Lay-in construction and or removable lugs make wiring the main and neutral lugs easier and faster. *Invertible: Unique design allows panel to be inverted in the field and keep its labeling legible. *Same Day Availability: Over the counter availability means you’re on and off the job without the delays that come with waiting for factory assembled panelboards.