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Benefit from the ability to integrate safety into your control system with Rockwell Automation’s Networked Safe Torque Off Option Module.

Benefit from the ability to integrate safety into your control system with Rockwell Automation’s Networked Safe Torque Off Option Module for PowerFlex® 755 and PowerFlex 755T Drives!
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The Allen-Bradley MCC Van is in town!

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Still using industrial computers with obsolete operating systems?

VERSA LARGEVersaView 5400 Industrial Computers are here to help solve that problem!
Allen-Bradley’s 6200 VersaView® 5400 industrial computers feature an open architecture, which provides greater application flexibility. These computers have a quad core Intel Atom E3845 processor and a 128 GB solid-state drive. The units are available with or without integrated display. Display versions have a modern, edgeless glass design with ten-point, capacitive multi-touch screen.
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*NEW – CBS ArcSafe®, Allen-Bradley® Introduce SecureConnect™ Remote Operator for CENTERLINE® 2100 Motor Control Centers – NEW

*CBS ArcSafe is pleased to announce the SecureConnect™ Remote Operator for Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE 2100 Motor Control Centers (MCCs) equipped with SecureConnect which allows technicians to operate the SecureConnect safety system up to 300 feet away. Installation and operation of the SecureConnect Remote Operator system is quick, simple, and does not require any modifications to the existing electrical equipment.
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Unscheduled downtime can cost you money! See how AB’s PowerFlex can help.

POWERFLEX DRIVES 4-12-17Predictive Diagnostics can help reduce unplanned downtime with predictive diagnostics and built-in protection features designed to guard your investment. Advanced notification of required maintenance helps you schedule downtime to be as productive as possible,and reduce costs due to unscheduled downtime.
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Enable The Connected Enterprise!

The Compact I/O system future-proofs your system and enables The Connected Enterprise, allowing machine builders to bring added value to their customers through a single, unified architecture, using EtherNet/IP™ for increased overall productivity.
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